There full names are, Dino 'Dappy' Constostavlos,Tula 'Tulisa' Constostavlos and Richard 'Fazer' Rawson

Really all im going to do is produce song lists. As anyone who dose'nt know about N-Dubz, is either a chav or dosent belong here. Im just speaking the truth.

Wouldnt You

Strong Again

I Swear


N-Dubz vs NAA

Public Transport

Love for my slum

You better not waste my time

Work Work

Feva Las Vegas

Defeat You



Papa Can you here me

I need you

Playing with fire

Say its over

Na Na

Shoulda Put something on

Duku Man Skit

I don't wanna go to sleep

Suck yourself

No one knows

Number 1


Let me be

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